Cooperation type and accelerating process

۱) Cooperation and participation in technology development at level 1.
In this model after judging and confirming the project, a contract is drawn between startup and vision with considering share of each party. When the project is completed, the required technology is evaluated and in case the quality of developed technical knowledge is approved by the judges, the technology will be sold. So this kind of cooperation between startup and vision is merely limited to process designing and technology development. One of the features of this model is guiding, training startups and initial funding for technology development. Moreover, in this model Vision guarantees to invest and sell developed technology on condition that at the end of the project it can be sold. After confirming the capability of the developed project if there aren’t any buyers in four months, vision ensure to buy the developed project as a VC.
۲) Cooperation and participation in technology development at level 2.
It is similar to the first level, except if the vision intends to invest on industrial and semi- industrial product, new contract should be executed with startup.
۳) Venture capital investment on developed technology
If startup have already obtained technology and only need supportive environment and investor this program is a suitable choice. In this program after confirming the quality of technical knowledge and evaluating the project vision engage as venture capital investor. Providing that the startup wishes to sell their technology, vision will buy it. If they have preference for producing industrial and semi-industrial, a cooperation contract will be executed between the firm and vision with considering share of each party.

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